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The Truth...

The Truth About Beauty Sleep

“You’ve got to get your beauty sleep” is likely something you’ve heard since you were little. And maybe, just maybe it was from your desperate mom or dad trying to get you to go to sleep so they could get some too. But there’s truth behind the idea of beauty sleep, and today we’re breaking down everything you need to know about why sleep is so crucial for beauty, health, and skin recovery. Keep reading to learn more!


The true importance of sleep

When you sleep, you’re allowing your body to relax and rejuvenate itself naturally. While there are plenty of artificial products out there that might claim that they’ll revitalize your skin, nothing does it better than some good old shut-eye. Research demonstrates that adults need anywhere from 7-9 hours of rest each night. (The magic number is normally quoted at 8 – which is a third of our day!) If you’re getting less than that, it’s likely impacting your appearance, your health, your mood, and maybe even your weight. Sleep can be a one-size-fix-all when it comes to your health, so don’t sleep on it as a solution! (Pun absolutely intended)


How you can help yourself and your skin

By getting 8 hours, you’re doing more than you know to help your body rest and rejuvenate. Sleep helps to increase collagen production which will allow you to look your best in an all-natural way. What’s sleep really do? Well, let’s get into that…

1. Fewer wrinkles. Are you starting to get the dreaded crow’s feet or lines on your forehead that your mother warned you about? Head to bed! When you sleep, your skin produces new collagen which can help prevent sagging and plump up your skin so it’s less likely to wrinkle altogether. Just getting two additional hours a night can make as big of a difference as twice as many fine lines on your face. Seems like a pretty good compromise to make if you want to maintain a youthful look for longer.

2. Brighter eyes. “The bags under my eyes are PRADA” is another popular phrase that makes dark circles comical, but wouldn’t you rather make them disappear altogether? Getting more sleep can reduce the swelling that results from sleep-deprivation. Staying well-hydrated and elevating your head while you sleep can also help.

3. Boosted blood flow. Your blood flow is boosted when you sleep, which means you wake up to a whole new complexion. Don’t let your skin go dull and lifeless just because you aren’t getting enough sleep. If you want to glow, you have to work for it. And by work for it, we mean sleep! Sounds like a pretty great deal to us. Let your body have its recovery each and every night, and you’ll reap all the benefits.


How you can use products to aid sleep

If you find that you struggle with sleep but need its healing benefits (which we all do!), then luckily there are products out there to help you. These products help you to go to sleep and contain elements that improve your skin’s and gut’s health while you snooze. What’s better than that?

Check out Night Collagen for a perfect night of beauty sleep. It’s all-natural and preservative and chemical free. All you have to do is consume the gel provided. It contains a marine collagen peptide and bio-fermented probiotic that helps you sleep and helps you improve your gut health. It’s gluten and dairy free and travel-friendly. Never miss a night of your best rest again when you have Night Collagen on your nightstand or in your suitcase!


Final thoughts

When life gets busy, sleep is often the first thing that people decide to cut from their daily routine. Yet, when it comes to looking and feeling your best, beauty sleep should never be what goes! Your body has a natural recovery process that aids your skin’s health through the production of collagen. That’s why it’s crucial that you continue to get 8 hours of sleep a night even if it feels like you can go on less than that. And on those particularly tough weeks? Get some products that help you maintain your glow. JAR Australia is your one-stop shop for everything beauty and health-related. It’ll help you stay youthful and rejuvenated in all the right ways.

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