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Modern Medicine and What it's Doing to Your Gut

The Impact of Medicinal Abuse on Your Stomach Lining

Modern medicine is a miracle. Yet, a 2017 study by Quest Diagnostics showed that more than 50 percent of Americans have misused prescription drugs. That’s right – when you and someone else stand in a room alone together at least one of you has misused and abused medicine that are meant to aid our bodies in recovering from a variety of conditions and illnesses. 

And we’re not alone in this medicinal abuse. The way that medical professionals are prescribing drugs to us isn’t helping us use them safely. Fortunately, understanding the impact of medicinal abuse, the ways that we can combat it, and how you can aid your body in recovery if you’re afflicted by it is all within our reach. 


The misuse of modern medicine 

Prior to modern medicine, life expectancy was less than half of what it is now. It’s an incredibly necessary part of our daily life, but it can also be a downfall for those who don’t possess the proper knowledge on the subject. Here are the top ways that people currently misuse modern medicine. 

  1. Dosage: Often, the dosage of a medication will pose more issues than you would expect because people will go a little rouge on the amount of medication that their doctor prescribed to them. They’ll take too much or too little which can impact their body’s chemistry. When your doctor determines the dosage that you should take, they consider a lot of different factors at play. One of the factors that they think about is your gut health and how it will physically impact your body. If you change this without any thought or knowledge, it can be difficult to know what type of damage you may be doing to your body. 
  2. User error: Ever heard the phrase, “Yeah, but who reads instructions anyway?” It’s become a joke that no one really takes the time to read instructions, and we’re all guilty of it. However, not taking medication as directed results in a misuse of modern medicine you can purely attribute to user error. The bottle may warn against taking the pills on an empty stomach because it’ll harm your stomach’s lining, but if you’re not paying attention then it’s an easy step to skip depending on the time of day. 
  3. Overuse of antibiotics: This is a misuse that can easily go back to medical professionals. Antibiotics became so frequently prescribed in the past 20 or so years that illnesses began to build up a resistance against them. Using them unnecessarily not only negates their medical benefit but also impacts your gut. Your gut is a rich microbiome of bacteria, and it’s not the same after taking those antibiotics. In fact, it can take around 6 weeks for it to return to normal. 


What you can do to help your body 

Reading this is likely discouraging. Medicine is necessary to stay healthy, but in order to stay healthy, you also need to combat some of the misuses of medicine. That can certainly be a bit tricky. If you’re looking for a step towards recovery, then keep these in mind…

  • Seek natural remedies. Natural remedies are some of the best ways that you can aid recovery and delay the scarification process from inside the body. Sugar Clear is a natural herb that is combined with raw probiotics and antioxidants. It also steers clear of any animal products and sugar to help stop sugar cravings. It’s a truly natural way to get your gut back on the right track. 
  • Integrate a daily probiotic. The solution to medication is…more medication? Don’t overthink it. A probiotic helps keep your gut healthy and is available in a simple form like a Night Collagen gel sachet that you can ingest right before bed. You’ll be shocked at the difference it makes!
  • Communicate openly with your doctor. Those who misused medication likely didn’t have doctors know they were doing it. If you feel that a medication isn’t serving you the way that you want it to, be sure to have a chat with them about it. They can professionally alter your dosage so that you can stay safe. 



Final thoughts 

Looking for a brand that can help you make healthy choices after being sick? JAR Australia is the perfect way to give our body a boost while maintaining your sleep and beauty routines. Recovery is within your reach with natural solutions in the form of free consumable gels that improve gut health with every use. 

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