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Medical Grade Supplements vs. Unregulated Supplements

For many of us, dietary supplements have become a part of everyday life as we strive for optimal health. And while it is great to see a rise in consciousness when it comes to health and wellness, this has also led to many companies trying to capitalize off a thriving industry through the manufacture and distribution of unregulated supplements.

For a supplement to be able to have a therapeutic effect on the body it must have the ability to be absorbed into the bloodstream, otherwise known as being bio-available. The differences in manufacturing create a significant difference in the bio-availability of the end product. 

The Benefits of Pure Nutrients

Pharmaceutical grade supplements are 99% pure and meet medical standards. Because they are manufactured in a way that obtains the purest nutrient, they are readily absorbed by the body and are really going to be able to do to your health what they claim they can.   

Unregulated supplements lack in both quality and purity and can be made up with binders, fillers, excipients, dyes or other unknown substances. It is common to see questionable fillers such as cork by-products, chemical dyes, sodium benzoate and dextrose in these which can not only affect the body’s ability to absorb the supplement but can also have an adverse effect on your overall health.


JAR Regenerating Sheet Mask

Government Regulation

To regulate and standardise this market within Australia, we have a government sector of the Department of Health called the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). The TGA is responsible for ensuring products sold at a pharmaceutical-grade meet acceptable standards of quality, safety and performance, making sure that the benefit to the customer far outweighs any risk.

Now that you know all of this, you are probably wondering if the supplements sold by JAR are TGA approved? We are proud to say that all of our supplements are 99% pure pharmaceutical grade TGA approved and contain only the highest quality ingredients.

That’s why they work so well!

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