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Form A Grounding Self-Care Routine

Iso Chats: What does your daily isolation routine look like? 

Introducing the JAR Starter Kit

Nothing seems to make much sense during a global pandemic, and that is ok. Throughout this time where so much has changed, it is hard to feel grounded and while many of us have had a huge disruption to our daily routine, we understand the importance of establishing a new one.

The JAR Starter Kit has been put together to help you form a grounding self-care routine, something that is increasingly important during these times.

In this pack, we have included 5 x Regenerating Sheet Masks, a Purifying Face Mask and a bottle of our new Rejuvenation Serum.

We recommend allotting a specific time for your skincare practice that brings you into the present moment. We usually take the time to light a candle and put some music on as this makes the ritual seem even more heavenly.

Iso Chats: What are you doing for self care during isolation? 

How does this all work together?

Step one, the Purifying Face Sponge cleanses the skin, lightly exfoliating dead skin cells while key ingredient, activated charcoal works to remove impurities.

Purifying Face Sponge

Step two, apply a Regenerating Sheet Mask to calm and refresh the skin with aloe vera and green tea extract. With nowhere to rush off to, you can leave it sitting for the full recommended 20 minutes while you enjoy a cup of tea.

Regenerating Sheet Mask

Step three, finish with a pump of Rejuvenation Serum, rich in vitamin C, this will help neutralise free radicals and increase the skin's collagen production.

Rejuvenating Serum

While we are seeing many messages on social media telling us how productive we can be at home during this time, we’re giving you permission not to overextend yourself, to take the time to just be.

Do your skincare routine, watch your favourite show on Netflix, bake some banana bread, whatever makes you feel joy.

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