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8 Rituals for a Better Night’s Sleep

How many nights have you jumped into bed early hoping to get a great night’s sleep, but then, you haven’t quite been able to switch off? Sleep is an imperative part of our health and wellness and as we know, can impact multiple facets of our lives.

Unfortunately, there are many factors that can impact our ability to fall and stay asleep, however, one thing is true; having a strong and consistent night-time routine can help improve your chances of getting quality sleep.

Night Collagen - Sleep Routine

We’ve put together some of the most effective practices to improve your odds of getting a great night’s sleep.


1. Switch off. The blue-light produced by electronics inhibits your body’s production of the sleep hormone melatonin. Restrict your use of any electronic devise at least an hour before you’re planning to go down, and, if you must use your devices before bed, try switching them to night-mode or investing in a good pair of blue-light glasses to limit the amount of harmful light you are consuming.


2. Meditate. Mediation is a daily habit that we should all adopt. As little as 2 minutes of meditation a day can help reduce feelings of stress and anxiety which is why it’s a great tool to help you wind down before bed.


3. Regulate temperatures. Research has shown that sleeping in a cool room can improve the quality of our sleep as our body temperature naturally drops when sleep begins. The ideal temperature of your room is said to be around 18 – 22 degrees.


4. Journal. If you find that your mind is racing with thoughts from throughout the day when your head hits the pillow, try jotting everything down on paper before you attempt to fall asleep. If you can’t solve the problem now, worry about it in the morning.


5. Avoid caffeine and alcohol. Coffee can take up to 16 hours to metabolise within the body so even if you’re a morning coffee drinker, your daily latte could still be wreaking havoc on your body.

Some say that alcohol can actually help you fall asleep and while this may be true, it leads to a lighter, more restless sleep which can have you waking up fatigued the next day.


6. Pamper yourself. A strong self-care ritual helps your body to relax and begin switching off. Try lighting a candle, applying a face-mask and settling in with a favourite book. You can combine any of these with a little meditation to create your own night-time ritual. 


7. De-clutter your room. Having piles of washing and draws of things you don’t need in your bedroom can unfortunately be a trigger for anxiety. If possible, try clearing out anything that doesn’t belong in the bedroom and dedicate 5 minutes in the evening to making sure your space is clean and tidy.


8. Use Night Collagen. We may be a little biased but we really do think our Night Collagen is an essential element to getting a great night’s sleep. Not only will the natural herbs help your body enter a deep state of relaxation, but the marine collagen will also promote recovery within the body whilst your catching some those much-needed z’s.

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