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Whenever you come across the word ‘collagen,' your mind probably wonders straight to your skin. Every day, scientists continue to discover more and more benefits of consuming marine collagen. Not just for your skin, but for your overall health.

Collagen is beneficial for the joints, bones, and digestive system. Collagen is a substance that occurs in your body. It is often put into cosmetics and other such products to help reduce the signs of ageing. Research shows collagen provides the highest level of protein in the human body. Our connective tissue contains more than 85% of collagen, skin contains around 75% collagen, and bone mass contains close to 95% collagen. These levels of collagen in the human body begin to decline as we pass our teenage years. Yes, it's unfortunate, but true. The reduction of collagen in our body not only means sagging skin and wrinkles, oh no, it gets worse! It also results in weakness of the bones, stiffness of joints, and thinning of hair. Fortunately, marine collagen has been made available for you in order to restore the collagens that have been lost in your body. This is where we come in with our night collagen. They say time is the one thing you can spend and never get back. I'm not saying Henry Blooms Night Collagen is a time machine. I am, however, saying with continual use we can help turn back the signs of ageing. It's that simple.  

Look, this post is called "10 reasons why marine collagen is good for you", even though there are so many more than 10 benefits to marine collagen, I have decided to focus on these specific reasons, as each one ensures that you can stay active long into the future. So here we go, and I'll do my best to show you what marine collagen can do for your body. 

Benefits of marine collagen: 

Here are the 10 reasons why marine collagen is good for you: 

  • Weight loss 

Regular intake of marine collagen will help with your weight loss goals. The protein level of collagen is more satisfying than all other kinds of protein, making you feel very full, hence why our Night Collagen is an edible product, which in turn leads to less food consumption. It has been discovered that people who consume marine collagen do not consume as much food as when they are not using marine collagen. As your weight loss goal, in regards to diet, can be achieved by reducing your daily calorie intake.


  • Stronger Bones 

When humans begin to age, the level of collagen in the body begins to decline. This can result in a 50% reduction in bone strength. 

The level of collagen present in your body determines bone strength. This means that if enough collagen is present in your body, your bones will stay strong, reducing the possibility of fractures and breaks. By consuming marine collagen, you replace the lost collagen, giving you stronger bones. 


  • Reduction in the symptoms of arthritis 

Arthritis causes severe pain and stiffness in the joints, as well as inflammation. Research has proven that the consumption of marine collagen is capable of reducing the severe pains and symptoms of arthritis. It has been discovered that many people who have been affected with arthritis have responded positively to marine collagen. Marine collagen is so effective at reducing severe pains in the bones or joints, that generally speaking, it provides more relief than any other kind of supplements for inflammation, and it's natural!


  • The flexibility of the joints 

Regular intake of marine collagen will help your joints become extremely flexible. It will help your knee extend more than it used to, and will also increase the mobility of your joints for the whole day. 

Studies have proven that the consumption of marine collagen is beneficial for people who have arthritis, and athletes as well. If you love to exercise but feel pain early, the intake of marine collagen will help you. It will reduce pain, making you exercise longer than you used to. 


  • Improves the strength of ligaments, joints and tendons

Regular consumption of marine collagen will help your joints, ligaments, and tendons become very strong. The rate at which you sustain injuries to your ligaments will reduce when you begin to consume marine collagen.  

So, it is very important that you begin the intake of marine collagen to increase the diameter of collagen fiber and increase the strength of your tendons. 


  • Quick recovery 

Whenever your muscles, ligaments, and joints get injured, collagen will be needed in order to heal. Remember that the more you age, the more you lose collagen, and collagen is very vital for the healing of the muscles, ligaments, and joints.  

It has been discovered that the intake of collagen supplements the speed of injury recovery and flexibility of the muscles, ligaments, and joints. Therefore, marine collagen will properly and quickly make your damaged ligaments, muscles, or joints recover from injuries. 

  • Prevention of ulcers 

Collagen is needed in the body in order to keep the digestive system running in good condition. When digestion in the stomach is being properly regulated, ulcers and heart burn should not occur. Therefore, the regular and daily intake of marine collagen will help in the breakdown and proper digestion of the particles of food which you consumed, reducing the risk of ulcers. 


  • Intestinal lining repair 

The presence of enough collagen in the body is very essential for the repair process of intestinal lining. So, in order for the intestine to undergo proper healing, there should be more than enough production and supply of collagen in the body, and studies have observed the reduction of the supply of collagen in the body as humans begin to age. 

The collagen that has been lost because of aging needs to be restored. To regain your lost collagen in a larger way, you should regularly take in marine collagen, and you will experience a measure of relief in your digestive system. 


  • Improving your exercise performance 

Marine collagen is filled with a large amount of amino acids. You need enough protein during and after exercise. There are only nine essential amino acids present in foods containing proteins. 

The body needs creatine (the molecules which are essential for the contraction of muscles), and marine collagen contains amino acids to help supply enough creatine. 


  • Reduction of wrinkles and hydration of skin 

Collagen is the most important part or piece of the sensitive vascular inner skin layer. The reduction of the level of collagen in your body will increase the risk of skin wrinkles, but the intake of marine collagen will help to restore your lost collagen, making your skin flexible, smooth and hydrated. 

The consumption of marine collagen will also help to conceal cellulite and remove stretch marks and acne from your body, and it is essential for making your skin firm.  

Some people prefer applying collagen topically on their bodies, while other people prefer consuming it orally. No matter how you choose to consume marine collage, there's no denying it will be very effective for you.

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